Assessing an undergraduate investments class project

Su, R
Dutta, A
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Canadian Center of Science and Education

An assessment of learning study is undertaken in an undergraduate Finance Investments class. The focus is on a required project report that constitutes 20% of the class grade. The goal of the project is to perform Fundamental Analysis on an assigned firm and recommend whether or not to invest in its common stock at this time. The assessment endeavor starts in Summer 2007 by deciding on the rubric to use for this study. Next one section (an evening class) is analyzed with the rubric as a pilot study in Fall 2007. From the pilot, two improvements are attempted in the Fall 2008 Evening class, and the Morning section is also analyzed. The study closes with a proposed action plan for improving the learning experience in both sections of Investments in future semesters.

Assessment , Investment class , Project
International Journal of economics and Finance, vol.7(2), pp.273 - 279 (7)
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