Built Environment and Physical Activity in New Zealand Adolescents: A Protocol for a Cross-sectional Study

Hinckson, EA
Duncan, S
Oliver, M
Mavoa, S
Cerin, E
Badland, H
Stewart, T
Ivory, V
McPhee, J
Schofield, G
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Journal Article
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BMJ Open

Built-environment interventions have the potential to provide population-wide effects and the means for a sustained effect on behaviour change. Population-wide effects for adult physical activity have been shown with selected built environment attributes; however, the association between the built environment and adolescent health behaviours is less clear. This New Zealand study is part of an international project across 10 countries (International Physical Activity and the Environment Network-adolescents) that aims to characterise the links between built environment and adolescent health outcomes.

Epidemiology , Preventive Medicine , Public Health
BMJ Open, vol.4(4), doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2013-004475
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