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Nikolai, J
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BAU, Centre Universitari d'Arts i Disseny de Barcelona

Artistic writing as research is in itself a method of making for artists in the academy. As creative practitioners in performative research paradigms (Haseman, 2010) we require a critical dialogue with/in the practice of writing through our artistic approaches. The process of writing I propose, parallels the process of making critically contextualising writing, critiquing and reflecting on the making, and analyzing the process in tandem with making-as-writing. To write as praxis, a tool for the artist as academic; I practice an approach to play and experimentation through improvisation around the writing. I practice what I propose that the artist adapts to an approach paralleled in their discipline(s). For me, this is in dance/theatre scholarship and praxis. Ideally, the writing may occur in-tandem with disciplinary choices, provocations, prompts, and interrogations. In this Project essay, I reflect on the current durational performance research project I’m making, as research project titled Move. Writing/dancing/writing Move, contextualizes my emergent process of play through improvisation with writing/dancing/writing approaches during the 2020-2022 Global Pandemic. I write about how I have been writing dance and making in isolation.

writing dance; artist-researcher; improvisation; dance and aging; global pandemic
INMATERIAL. Diseño, Arte y Sociedad, 7(14). https://doi.org/10.46516/inmaterial.v7.151
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