The Wellbeing of Community Support Workers During the Covid19 Pandemic

Ravenswood, K
Nicholson, A
Hurd, F
Ewertowska, T
Fromm, A
McCully, K
Woolley, M
The Participant Researchers
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Commissioned Report
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This research investigated the experiences of community support workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how the challenges of working during the pandemic had impacted on their wellbeing. The research employed a Community Based Participatory Research methodology and interviewed 91 participants in total. This research found that the lack of understanding of what community support work entails had a negative impact on support workers’ wellbeing. Community support workers were exposed to greater of violence from clients, increased injury risk, and significant emotional and mental health risk due to the increased isolation and lack of support during the pandemic.

Ravenswood, K., Nicholson, A., Hurd, F., Ewertowska, T., Fromm, A., McCully, K., Woolley, M. and The Participant Researchers (2022). The Wellbeing of Community Support Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic. AUT. Auckland, New Zealand.
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