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The research activities within each of AUT’s five faculties are overseen by an Associate Dean of Research who works closely with the Pro Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation and Enterprise. We encourage you to explore the broad suite of research activities from each faculties. Full text digital files are available open access for all items.
Items in these collections are protected by the Copyright Act 1994 (New Zealand). These works may be consulted by you, provided you comply with the provisions of the Act and the following conditions of use:
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  • Authors control the copyright of their works. You will recognise the author’s right to be identified as the author of the work, and due acknowledgement will be made to the author where appropriate.
  • You will obtain the author’s permission before publishing any material from the work.

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Recently Added

  • Towards an Openness of Being: The Personal Nature of Learning

    Thomas-Anttila, K; Smythe, E; Spence, D (Adsale Publishing Co., 2017)
    This paper discusses an aspect of my PhD study on understanding psychotherapists’ experience of ongoing learning. For this study I interviewed 12 practising psychotherapists living in Aotearoa New Zealand. The personal ...
  • The Differences in Spinal Kinematics and Loading in High Performance Female Rowers During Ergometer and on Water Rowing

    Millar, S-K; Reid, D; mcDonnell, L (International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS), 2018)
    Low back pain (LBP) is the most prevalent injury in rowing. The high use of ergometers have been associated win increased LBP and sliding ergometers has proposed to reduce this stress. The purpose of this study was to ...
  • Frances Rutherford Lecture 2015: Possibilities for the Future: Doing Well Together as Agents of Change

    Reed, K (New Zealand Assoc. of Occupational Therapists Inc, 2016)
    None of us can predict what the future holds. However, as an agent of change, occupational therapists will not only strengthen the profession, they will make a significant difference to the health, well-being, and occupational ...
  • Effect of Intermittent Sitting Time on Postprandial Lipemia in Children

    Faithfull, K; Hinckson, E; Zynn, C (Elsevier, 2010)
    Objective To investigate the effect of interrupting sitting time with intermittent moderate exercise on acute postprandial plasma triglyceride (TG) in healthy children following high-fat meal consumption. Methods Twelve ...
  • The Role of Culture in Sports Sponsorship: An Update

    Keshkar, S; Lawrence, I; Dodds, M; Morris, E; Mahoney, T; Addesa, F; Hedlund, D; Dickson, G; Ghasemi, H; Faruq, A; Naylor, M; Santomier, J (Iranian Association of Phisical Education and Sport Science, 2018)
    Nowadays sponsorship is an important part of sports events. Sports sponsorship offers more benefits, more variety and also it’s a more powerful form of marketing. In general, sponsorship holds a unique position in the ...
  • Māori Resistance in New Zealand Feature Film History

    Wilson, JKT (Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga, 2018)
    This article draws on the textual analysis of films that produced three distinctive collective resistances across New Zealand film history. Hāhi Ringatū leaders protested to the Chief Film Censor about the portrayal of ...
  • Concussion Incidence for Two Levels of Senior Amateur Rugby League in New Zealand, 2008-2011

    King, D; Hume, P; Cummins, C; Clark, TN; Gissane, C (Remedy Publications, 2018)
    Aim: To report the incidence, injury mechanisms and assessment of concussion in two levels of amateur senior rugby league over 2008-2011. Methods: A prospective observational study of competition injuries in a New Zealand ...
  • Design of Continuously Tunable Low Noise Amplifier for Multiband Radio

    Aneja, A; Li, XJ; Li, BE (IEEE, 2017)
    This paper presents the design of continuously tunable low noise amplifier with frequency tuning range from 2.2 to 2.8 GHz. The amplifier achieves input matching and tunability through a transformer based input matching ...
  • Variation in Structure and Process of Care in Traumatic Brain Injury: Provider Profiles of European Neurotrauma Centers Participating in the CENTER-TBI Study

    Cnossen, MC; Polinder, S; Lingsma, HF; Maas, AIR; Menon, D; Steyerberg, EW; Adams, H; Alessandro, M; Allanson, J; Amrein, K; Andaluz, N; Andelic, N; Andrea, N; Andreassen, L; Anke, A; Antoni, A; Ardon, H; Audibert, G; Auslands, K; Azouvi, P; Baciu, C; Bacon, A; Badenes, R; Baglin, T; Bartels, R; Barzó, P; Bauerfeind, U; Beer, R; Belda, FJ; Bellander, B-M; Belli, A; Bellier, R; Benali, H; Benard, T; Berardino, M; Beretta, L; Beynon, C; Bilotta, F; Binder, H; Biqiri, E; Blaabjerg, M; Borgen, LS; Bouzat, P; Bragge, P; Brazinova, A; Brehar, F; Brorsson, C; Buki, A; Bullinger, M; Bučková, V; Calappi, E; Cameron, P; Carbayo, LG; Carise, E; Carpenter, C; Castaño-León, AM; Causin, F; Chevallard, G; Chieregato, A; Citerio, G; Coburn, MC; Coles, J; Cooper, JD; Correia, M; Covic, A; Curry, N; Czeiter, E; Czosnyka, M; Dahyot-Fizelier, C; Damas, F; Damas, P; Dawes, H; De Keyser, V; Della Corte, F; Depreitere, B; Ding, S; Dippel, D; Dizdarevic, K; Dulière, G-L; Dzeko, A; Eapen, G; Engemann, H; Ercole, A; Esser, P; Ezer, E; Fabricius, M; Feigin, VL; Feng, J; Foks, K; Fossi, F; Francony, G; Frantzén, J; Freo, U; Frisvold, S; Furmanov, A; Gagliardo, P; Galanaud, D; Gao, G; Geleijns, K; Ghuysen, A; Giraud, B; Glocker, B; Gomez, PA; Grossi, F; Gruen, RL; Gupta, D; Haagsma, JA; Hadzic, E; Haitsma, I; Hartings, JA; Helbok, R; Helseth, E; Hertle, D; Hill, S; Hoedemaekers, A; Hoefer, S; Hutchinson, PJ; Håberg, AK; Jacobs, B; Janciak, I; Janssens, K; Jiang, J; Jones, K; Kalala, J-P; Kamnitsas, K; Karan, M; Karau, J; Katila, A; Kaukonen, M; Keeling, D; Kerforne, T; Ketharanathan, N; Kettunen, J; Kivisaari, R; Kolias, AG; Kolumbán, B; Kompanje, E; Kondziella, D; Koskinen, L-O; Kovács, N; Kálovits, F; Lagares, A; Lanyon, L; Laureys, S; Lauritzen, M; Lecky, F; Ledig, C; Lefering, R; Legrand, V; Lei, J; Levi, L; Lightfoot, R; Lingsma, H; Loeckx, D; Lozano, A; Luddington, R; Luijten-Arts, C; Maas, AIR; MacDonald, S; MacFayden, C; Maegele, M; Majdan, M; Major, S; Manara, A; Manhes, P; Manley, G; Martin, D; Martino, C; Maruenda, A; Maréchal, H; Mastelova, D; Mattern, J; McMahon, C; Melegh, B; Menovsky, T; Morganti-Kossmann, C; Mulazzi, D; Mutschler, M; Mühlan, H; Negru, A; Nelson, D; Neugebauer, E; Newcombe, V; Noirhomme, Q; Nyirádi, J; Oddo, M; Oldenbeuving, A; Oresic, M; Ortolano, F; Palotie, A; Parizel, PM; Patruno, A; Payen, J-F; Perera, N; Perlbarg, V; Persona, P; Peul, W; Pichon, N; Piilgaard, H; Piippo, A; Pili, FS; Pirinen, M; Ples, H; Pomposo, I; Psota, M; Pullens, P; Puybasset, L; Ragauskas, A; Raj, R; Rambadagalla, M; Rehorčíková, V; Rhodes, J; Richardson, S; Ripatti, S; Rocka, S; Rodier, N; Roe, C; Roise, O; Roks, G; Romegoux, P; Rosand, J; Rosenfeld, J; Rosenlund, C; Rosenthal, G; Rossaint, R; Rossi, S; Rostalski, T; Rueckert, DL; Ruiz De Arcaute, F; Rusnák, M; Sacchi, M; Sahakian, B; Sahuquillo, J; Sakowitz, O; Sala, F; Sanchez-Pena, P; Sanchez-Porras, R; Sandor, J; Santos, E; Sasse, N; Sasu, L; Savo, D; Schipper, I; Schlößer, B; Schmidt, S; Schneider, A; Schoechl, H; Schoonman, G; Schou, RF; Schwendenwein, E; Schöll, M; Sir, O; Skandsen, T; Smakman, L; Smeets, D; Smielewski, P; Sorinola, A; Stamatakis, EL; Stanworth, S; Stegemann, K; Steinbüchel, N; Stevens, R; Stewart, W; Stocchetti, N; Sundström, N; Synnot, A; Szabó, J; Söderberg, J; Taccone, FS; Tamás, V; Tanskanen, P; Tascu, A; Taylor, MS; Te Ao, B; Tenovuo, O; Teodorani, G; Theadom, A; Thomas, M; Tibboel, D; Tolias, C; Tshibanda, J-FL; Tudora, CM; Vajkoczy, P; Valeinis, E; Van Hecke, W; Van Praag, D; Van Roost, D; Van Vlierberghe, E; Vande Vyvere, T; Vanhaudenhuyse, A; Vargiolu, A; Vega, E; Verheyden, J; Vespa, PM; Vik, A; Vilcinis, R; Vizzino, G; Vleggeert-Lankamp, C; Volovici, V; Vulekovic, P; Vámos, Z; Wade, D; Wang, KKW; Wang, L; Wildschut, E; Williams, G; Willumsen, L; Wilson, A; Wilson, L; Winkler, MKL; Ylén, P; Younsi, A; Zaaroor, M; Zhang, Z; Zheng, Z; Zumbo, F; De Lange, S; De Ruiter, GCW; Den Boogert, H; Van Dijck, J; Van Essen, TA; Van Heugten, C; Van Der Jagt, M; Van Der Naalt, J (Public Library of Science, 2016)
    Introduction: The strength of evidence underpinning care and treatment recommendations in traumatic brain injury (TBI) is low. Comparative effectiveness research (CER) has been proposed as a framework to provide evidence ...
  • Footwear Interventions for Foot Pain, Function, Impairment and Disability for People With Foot and Ankle Arthritis: A Literature Review

    Frecklington, M; Dalbeth, N; McNair, P; Gow, P; Williams, A; Carroll, M; Rome, K (Elsevier, 2017)
    Objective: To conduct a literature review on the effectiveness of footwear on foot pain, function, impairment and disability for people with foot and ankle arthritis. Methods: A search of the electronic databases Scopus, ...
  • Niue’s Destination Image: A Perspective From the Travel Experiences of International Visitors

    Qi, H; Li, F; Milne, S (TTRA International, 2019)
    The purpose of this paper is to explore the image of Niue as a destination from the international visitors’ perspective. This current research is part of the Niue International Visitor Survey project at the New Zealand ...
  • Silent Policymakers in Aotearoa New Zealand: Reflections on Research of Early Childhood Teacher Views on Policy, Practicum and Partnership

    Gibbons, A; Tesar, M; Steiner, S; Chan, S (Taylor & Francis Group, 2018)
    This paper reports on the importance of the stories and perspectives of early childhood education Associate Teachers (ATs) at a time when there is considerable flux being experienced in the Aotearoa New Zealand early ...
  • The Effect of Lower Limb Wearable Resistance Location on Sprint Running Step Kinematics

    Feser, E; Macadam, P; Cronin, J; Nagahara, R (International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS), 2018)
    This study quantified changes in step kinematics between unloaded, thigh, and shank wearable resistance (WR) at 2% body mass (BM) during over ground sprint running. Eleven male athletes completed two maximal effort sprint ...
  • Sleep Architecture, Insulin Resistance and the Nasal Cycle: Implications for Positive Airway Pressure Therapy

    Crofts, CAP; Neill, A; Campbell, A; Bartley, J; White, DE (AOSIS, 2018)
    Background: The global pandemic of metabolic disease is worsening. The metabolic theory of obesity proposes that hormonal changes, especially hyperinsulinaemia, precede metabolic disease development. Although quality sleep ...
  • RPE vs Percentage 1RM Loading in Periodized Programs Matched for Sets and Repetitions

    Helms, ER; Byrnes, R; Cooke, D; Haischer, M; Carzoli, J; Johnson, T; Cross, M; Cronin, J; Storey, A; Zourdos, MC (Frontiers Media S.A., 2018)
    Purpose: To investigate differences between rating of perceived exertion (RPE) and percentage one-repetition maximum (1RM) load assignment in resistance-trained males (19–35 years) performing protocols with matched sets ...
  • Reconfiguration and Load Shedding for Resilient and Reliable Multiple Microgrids

    Atendido, KMC; Zamora, R (IEEE, 2017)
    The microgrid concept sets the stage for an energy future consisting of networks of microgrids connected with one another. After a fault occurs, multiple interconnected microgrids engage the possibility of power transfer ...
  • A Lucid Lecturess: The Voices of New Zealand’s Silent Cinema

    Hoar, P (2016)
    This article attempts to record some of the faint echoes left from the days of silent cinema in New Zealand. Sound has been an integral part of cinematic experience in New Zealand since the very first exhibitions during ...
  • After the Storm Comes the Sun: A Rhetorical Analysis of Melbourne Storm's Advertising Campaigns After the 2010 Salary Cap Scandal

    Nairn, A; Nelson, F; Johnson, R
    One of the most common motifs surrounding sports, sports teams, and sports stars is “the scandal.” One typifying feature of mediated scandals is the ease with which they can be presented as, or massaged into, an unfolding ...
  • Printing of Soft Stretchable Sensor From Carbon Black Composites

    Zhu, Y; Assadian, M; Ramezani, M; Aw, KC (MDPI, 2018)
    Demand for highly stretchable mechanical sensors for use in the fields of soft robotics and wearable sensors has been constantly rising. Carbon based materials as piezo-resistive material are low-cost and have been widely ...
  • Accommodating Travellers With Pets: Is Auckland Ready?

    Chen, Y; Schanzel, H (School of Hospitality & Tourism, Auckland University of Technology, 2019)
    New Zealand is considered a nation of pet lovers, with 64 percent of households owning at least one pet [1]. The aim of this study [2] was to explore what the main considerations were for hospitality operators in Auckland ...

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