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The research activities within each of AUT’s five faculties are overseen by an Associate Dean of Research who works closely with the Pro Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation and Enterprise. We encourage you to explore the broad suite of research activities from each faculties. Full text digital files are available open access for all items.
Items in these collections are protected by the Copyright Act 1994 (New Zealand). These works may be consulted by you, provided you comply with the provisions of the Act and the following conditions of use:
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  • Authors control the copyright of their works. You will recognise the author’s right to be identified as the author of the work, and due acknowledgement will be made to the author where appropriate.
  • You will obtain the author’s permission before publishing any material from the work.

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  • An Empirical Examination of Green Star Certification Uptake and Its Relationship With BIM Adoption in New Zealand

    Doan, DT; GhaffarianHoseini, A; Naismith, N; GhaffarianHoseini, A; Zhang, T; Tookey, J
    Purpose Green building information modelling (BIM) has been highlighted as an essential topic owing to its potential benefits. However, both Green Star and BIM are still in their earlier stages in New Zealand. This paper ...
  • A Predictive Model for Identifying Health Trends Among Māori and Pacific People – Analysis From Ten Years of New Zealand Public Hospital Discharges

    Wang, S; Mirza, F; Baig, MM (Inderscience Publishers, 2021)
    Our research was focused on the quality of healthcare services for Māori and Pacific Islanders. We used New Zealand (NZ) Public Hospital discharges data from 2005 to 2015 for our research. A prediction model has been ...
  • Real-Time Haptic Feedback Systems Validity and Its Feasibility for Runners in a Real-World Training Environment

    Wong, J; Sheerin, K; Wyatt, H (International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS), 2021)
    This study sought to assess the use of a novel integrated haptic feedback system for use during running; specifically, the study aimed to 1) assess the validity of the system in measuring trunk inclination and step rate ...
  • Lost in Translation: Reflexive Thematic Analysis in Research With Pacific Peoples

    Rangiwai, B; Enari, D; Masae, C; Paea, D; Tahilanu-Mapili, L; Vailahi, V
    This paper reflects on reflexive thematic analyses with Pacific peoples from different cultural and language backgrounds. This paper will briefly describe reflexive thematic analysis according to Braun et al. (2019) and ...
  • Re-imagining the Dialogic Spaces of Talanoa Through Samoan Ontoepistemology

    Matapo, J; Enari, D (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, Division of Education, University of Waikato, 2021)
    This article proposes a Samoan Indigenous philosophical position to reconceptualise the dialogic spaces of talanoa; particularly how talanoa is applied methodologically to research practice. Talanoa within New Zealand ...
  • A Māori and Pasifika Label—An Old History, New Context

    Enari, D; Haua, I
    The term ‘Māori and Pasifika’ is widely used in Aotearoa, New Zealand to both unite and distinguish these peoples and cultures. As a collective noun of separate peoples, Māori and Pasifika are used to acknowledge the common ...
  • Decolonising Climate Change: A Call for Beyond-Human Imaginaries and Knowledge Generation

    Chao, S; Enari, D
    This article calls for transdisciplinary, experimental, and decolonial imaginations of climate change and Pacific futures in an age of great planetary undoing. Drawing from our personal and academic knowledge of the Pacific ...
  • Comparison of Water Absorption and Drying in Distal Radius Fracture Casts and Orthoses

    White, DE; John van Wyk, M
    Introduction: Traditional plaster and fiberglass casts are not waterproof. This experimental study compares the water-resistant and drying properties of two commercially available orthoses with traditional cast ...
  • Knowledge, Awareness and Attitude of an Iraqi College Undergraduate Students Towards Patient Safety Particularly HIV

    Al-Rashidi, Reyadh R; Naeem, Wathiq; Alsadoon, Zaid; Al-Shaikhli, Hisham; Alsaray, Rusul A; Kadhim, Mustafa M (SynthesisHub Advance Scientific Research, 2021)
    Background: Inadequate dedication has been given to patient safety education of health care professionals, resulting in limited understanding of the nature of risk in health care. Objectives: The aim of this ...
  • Understanding Domestic Tourists to Support COVID-19 Recovery Strategies – The Case of Aotearoa New Zealand

    Lueck, M; Seeler, S (UCSI University (Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management) and Sarawak Research Society, Supported by Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture (MTAC) Sarawak and RCE (Regional Centre of Expertise) Kuching, 2021)
    With international tourism at a standstill and domestic tourism being decisive in post-COVID-19 recovery strategies, tourism destinations need to turn their lenses more inwardly again. Pre-COVID-19 destination marketing ...
  • Wind Power Potential Assessment for Three Locations in New Zealand

    Nasab, NM; Kilby, J; Bakhtiaryfard, L (The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering (AIDIC), 2020)
    This paper proposes and evaluates an optimized system of offshore wind turbines operating as a renewable energy generating unit in New Zealand. A comprehensive simulation model has been set up, using several available ...
  • Case Study of a Hybrid Wind and Tidal Turbines System With a Microgrid for Power Supply to a Remote Off-Grid Community in New Zealand

    Nasab, NM; Kilby, J; Bakhtiaryfard, L (MDPI, 2021)
    This paper evaluates the feasibility of using a hybrid system consisting of wind and tidal turbines connected to a microgrid for power supply to coastal communities that are isolated from a main supply grid. The case study ...
  • Quality of Stroke Guidelines in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review

    Yaria, J; Gil, A; Makanjuola, A; Oguntoye, R; Miranda, JJ; Lazo-Porras, M; Zhang, P; Tao, X; Ahlgren, JÁ; Bernabe-Ortiz, A; Moscoso-Porras, M; Malaga, G; Svyato, I; Osundina, M; Gianella, C; Bello, O; Lawal, A; Temitope, A; Adebayo, O; Lakkhanaloet, M; Brainin, M; Johnson, W; Thrift, AG; Phromjai, J; Mueller-Stierlin, AS; Perone, SA; Varghese, C; Feigin, V; Owolabi, MO; Stroke Experts Collaboration Group (World Health Organization (WHO), 2021)
    Objective: To identify gaps in national stroke guidelines that could be bridged to enhance the quality of stroke care services in low- and middle-income countries. Methods: We systematically searched medical databases and ...
  • Perceptions and Satisfaction of a Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme Amongst Aotearoa New Zealand Podiatrists

    Carroll, M; Brenton-Rule, A; Jepson, H; Molyneux, P (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2021)
    Background Aotearoa New Zealand (NZ) registered podiatrists are required to participate in a mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) programme. This study investigated podiatrist’s perceptions and satisfaction ...
  • Exploring the Use of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging by Podiatrists: An International Survey

    Dando, C; Ellis, R; Carroll, M; Molyneux, P; Gijon-Nogueron, G; Siddle, HJ; Cherry, L; Gatt, A; Bowen, C (BioMed Central, 2021)
    BACKGROUND: Podiatrists, in musculoskeletal services, are demonstrating an expansion of their practice skills through the use of ultrasound imaging. There is an assumption that this practice is beneficial within the context ...
  • Evaluation of Osteoarthritic Features in Peripheral Joints by Ultrasound Imaging: A Systematic Review

    Molyneux, P; Bowen, C; Ellis, R; Rome, K; Frecklington, M; Carroll, M (Elsevier BV, 2021)
    Objective To determine how structural and inflammatory osteoarthritis (OA) features in peripheral joints are assessed, defined and graded by ultrasound (US) imaging. Design MEDLINE, CINAHL, Cochrane and SPORTDiscus ...
  • Global, Regional, and National Burden of Stroke and Its Risk Factors, 1990–2019: A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

    Feigin, VL; Stark, BA; Johnson, CO; Roth, GA; Bisignano, C; Abady, GG; Abbasifard, M; Abbasi-Kangevari, M; Abd-Allah, F; Abedi, V; Abualhasan, A; Abu-Rmeileh, NME; Abushouk, AI; Adebayo, OM; Agarwal, G; Agasthi, P; Ahinkorah, BO; Ahmad, S; Ahmadi, S; Ahmed Salih, Y; Aji, B; Akbarpour, S; Akinyemi, RO; Al Hamad, H; Alahdab, F; Alif, SM; Alipour, V; Aljunid, SM; Almustanyir, S; Al-Raddadi, RM; Al-Shahi Salman, R; Alvis-Guzman, N; Ancuceanu, R; Anderlini, D; Anderson, JA; Ansar, A; Antonazzo, IC; Arabloo, J; Ärnlöv, J; Artanti, KD; Aryan, Z; Asgari, S; Ashraf, T; Athar, M; Atreya, A; Ausloos, M; Baig, AA; Baltatu, OC; Banach, M; Barboza, MA; Barker-Collo, SL; Bärnighausen, TW; Barone, MTU; Basu, S; Bazmandegan, G; Beghi, E; Beheshti, M; Béjot, Y; Bell, AW; Bennett, DA; Bensenor, IM; Bezabhe, WM; Bezabih, YM; Bhagavathula, AS; Bhardwaj, P; Bhattacharyya, K; Bijani, A; Bikbov, B; Birhanu, MM; Boloor, A; Bonny, A; Brauer, M; Brenner, H; Bryazka, D; Butt, ZA; Caetano dos Santos, FL; Campos-Nonato, IR; Cantu-Brito, C; Carrero, JJ; Castañeda-Orjuela, CA; Catapano, AL; Chakraborty, PA; Charan, J; Choudhari, SG; Chowdhury, EK; Chu, D-T; Chung, S-C; Colozza, D; Costa, VM; Costanzo, S; Criqui, MH; Dadras, O; Dagnew, B; Dai, X; Dalal, K; Damasceno, AAM; D'Amico, E; Dandona, L; Dandona, R; Darega Gela, J; Davletov, K; De la Cruz-Góngora, V; Desai, R; Dhamnetiya, D; Dharmaratne, SD; Dhimal, ML; Dhimal, M; Diaz, D; Dichgans, M; Dokova, K; Doshi, R; Douiri, A; Duncan, BB; Eftekharzadeh, S; Ekholuenetale, M; El Nahas, N; Elgendy, IY; Elhadi, M; El-Jaafary, SI; Endres, M; Endries, AY; Erku, DA; Faraon, EJA; Farooque, U; Farzadfar, F; Feroze, AH; Filip, I; Fischer, F; Flood, D; Gad, MM; Gaidhane, S; Ghanei Gheshlagh, R; Ghashghaee, A; Ghith, N; Ghozali, G; Ghozy, S; Gialluisi, A; Giampaoli, S; Gilani, SA; Gill, PS; Gnedovskaya, EV; Golechha, M; Goulart, AC; Guo, Y; Gupta, R; Gupta, VB; Gupta, VK; Gyanwali, P; Hafezi-Nejad, N; Hamidi, S; Hanif, A; Hankey, GJ; Hargono, A; Hashi, A; Hassan, TS; Hassen, HY; Havmoeller, RJ; Hay, SI; Hayat, K; Hegazy, MI; Herteliu, C; Holla, R; Hostiuc, S; Househ, M; Huang, J; Humayun, A; Hwang, B-F; Iacoviello, L; Iavicoli, I; Ibitoye, SE; Ilesanmi, OS; Ilic, IM; Ilic, MD; Iqbal, U; Irvani, SSN; Islam, SMS; Ismail, NE; Iso, H; Isola, G; Iwagami, M; Jacob, L; Jain, V; Jang, S-I; Jayapal, SK; Jayaram, S; Jayawardena, R; Jeemon, P; Jha, RP; Johnson, WD; Jonas, JB; Joseph, N; Jozwiak, JJ; Jürisson, M; Kalani, R; Kalhor, R; Kalkonde, Y; Kamath, A; Kamiab, Z; Kanchan, T; Kandel, H; Karch, A; Katoto, PDMC; Kayode, GA; Keshavarz, P; Khader, YS; Khan, EA; Khan, IA; Khan, M; Khan, MAB; Khatib, MN; Khubchandani, J; Kim, GR; Kim, MS; Kim, YJ; Kisa, A; Kisa, S; Kivimäki, M; Kolte, D; Koolivand, A; Koulmane Laxminarayana, SL; Koyanagi, A; Krishan, K; Krishnamoorthy, V; Krishnamurthi, RV; Kumar, GA; Kusuma, D; La Vecchia, C; Lacey, B; Lak, HM; Lallukka, T; Lasrado, S; Lavados, PM; Leonardi, M; Li, B; Li, S; Lin, H; Lin, R-T; Liu, X; Lo, WD; Lorkowski, S; Lucchetti, G; Lutzky Saute, R; Magdy Abd El Razek, H; Magnani, FG; Mahajan, PB; Majeed, A; Makki, A; Malekzadeh, R; Malik, AA; Manafi, N; Mansournia, MA; Mantovani, LG; Martini, S; Mazzaglia, G; Mehndiratta, MM; Menezes, RG; Meretoja, A; Mersha, AG; Miao Jonasson, J; Miazgowski, B; Miazgowski, T; Michalek, IM; Mirrakhimov, EM; Mohammad, Y; Mohammadian-Hafshejani, A; Mohammed, S; Mokdad, AH; Mokhayeri, Y; Molokhia, M; Moni, MA; Montasir, AA; Moradzadeh, R; Morawska, L; Morze, J; Muruet, W; Musa, KI; Nagarajan, AJ; Naghavi, M; Narasimha Swamy, S; Nascimento, BR; Negoi, RI; Neupane Kandel, S; Nguyen, TH; Norrving, B; Noubiap, JJ; Nwatah, VE; Oancea, B; Odukoya, OO; Olagunju, AT; Orru, H; Owolabi, MO; Padubidri, JR; Pana, A; Parekh, T; Park, E-C; Pashazadeh Kan, F; Pathak, M; Peres, MFP; Perianayagam, A; Pham, T-M; Piradov, MA; Podder, V; Polinder, S; Postma, MJ; Pourshams, A; Radfar, A; Rafiei, A; Raggi, A; Rahim, F; Rahimi-Movaghar, V; Rahman, M; Rahman, MA; Rahmani, AM; Rajai, N; Ranasinghe, P; Rao, CR; Rao, SJ; Rathi, P; Rawaf, DL; Rawaf, S; Reitsma, MB; Renjith, V; Renzaho, AMN; Rezapour, A; Rodriguez, JAB; Roever, L; Romoli, M; Rynkiewicz, A; Sacco, S; Sadeghi, M; Saeedi Moghaddam, S; Sahebkar, A; Saif-Ur-Rahman, KM; Salah, R; Samaei, M; Samy, AM; Santos, IS; Santric-Milicevic, MM; Sarrafzadegan, N; Sathian, B; Sattin, D; Schiavolin, S; Schlaich, MP; Schmidt, MI; Schutte, AE; Sepanlou, SG; Seylani, A; Sha, F; Shahabi, S; Shaikh, MA; Shannawaz, M; Shawon, MSR; Sheikh, A; Sheikhbahaei, S; Shibuya, K; Siabani, S; Silva, DAS; Singh, JA; Singh, JK; Skryabin, VY; Skryabina, AA; Sobaih, BH; Stortecky, S; Stranges, S; Tadesse, EG; Tarigan, IU; Temsah, M-H; Teuschl, Y; Thrift, AG; Tonelli, M; Tovani-Palone, MR; Tran, BX; Tripathi, M; Tsegaye, GW; Ullah, A; Unim, B; Unnikrishnan, B; Vakilian, A; Valadan Tahbaz, S; Vasankari, TJ; Venketasubramanian, N; Vervoort, D; Vo, B; Volovici, V; Vosoughi, K; Vu, GT; Vu, LG; Wafa, HA; Waheed, Y; Wang, Y; Wijeratne, T; Winkler, AS; Wolfe, CDA; Woodward, M; Wu, JH; Wulf Hanson, S; Xu, X; Yadav, L; Yadollahpour, A; Yahyazadeh Jabbari, SH; Yamagishi, K; Yatsuya, H; Yonemoto, N; Yu, C; Yunusa, I; Zaman, MS; Zaman, SB; Zamanian, M; Zand, R; Zandifar, A; Zastrozhin, MS; Zastrozhina, A; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z-J; Zhong, C; Zuniga, YMH; Murray, CJL (Elsevier BV, 2021)
    Background Regularly updated data on stroke and its pathological types, including data on their incidence, prevalence, mortality, disability, risk factors, and epidemiological trends, are important for evidence-based ...
  • Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Combined With Gonadotropin Therapy Restore Postnatal Oogenesis of Chemoablated Ovaries in Rats via Enhancing Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem Cells

    Hassouna, A; Ebrahim, N; Al Saihati, H; Shaman, A (BioMed Central, 2021)
    Background: Very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) are a rare population within the ovarian epithelial surface. They contribute to postnatal oogenesis as they have the ability to generate immature oocytes and resist ...
  • A Survey on Tactile Internet: Design Issues and Challenges, Applications, and Future Directions

    Fanibhare, V; Sarkar, NI; Al-Anbuky, A (MDPI, 2021)
    The Tactile Internet (TI) is an emerging area of research involving 5G and beyond (B5G) communications to enable real-time interaction of haptic data over the Internet between tactile ends, with audio-visual data as feedback. ...
  • Big Data Analytics and Processing Platform in Czech Republic Healthcare

    Štufi, M; Bačić, B; Stoimenov, L (MDPI, 2020)
    Big data analytics (BDA) in healthcare has made a positive difference in the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advancements of analytical capabilities, while lowering the costs of medical care. The aim of this ...

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