Transvirt: doing the digital body

Lal, Pritika
Charlton, James
Frommherz, Gudrun
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Master of Creative Technologies
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Auckland University of Technology

This practice-led research project is an exploration of the artist’s body as it relates to digital media. Grounded with feminist discourse, this is an emergent creative practice that uses collage and sketching to absorb that which is alien into an existing practice. This manifests as a shift in the artists perspective from an external point of view, observing the body to an internal perspective located within the artist’s body. The process of sketching is identified as the common strategy through out the practice that enables this shift.

The artist’s body relates to digital media through a process of translation between analog and digital. This relationship is explored using as system called the Translator that incorporates the Kinect camera, Synapse, programming, projection and the artist’s body in an immersive digital environment. The Translator enables interaction with that digital environment. The system captures the artist’s movement using and re-describes it as digital lines projected onto the screen through a process of Performative Sketching. Development of the Translator takes place over a series of media experiments that shift from pen on paper, through photography, video and programming to Performative Sketching.

Emerging practice , Interactive digital media , Performance , Sketching drawing , Artist's body , Creative process
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