Onshore to near-shore outsourcing transitions: unpacking tensions

Clear, AG
Raza, B
Clear, T
MacDonell, SG
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This study is directed towards highlighting tensions of incoming and outgoing vendors during outsourcing in a near-shore context. Incoming-and-outgoing of vendors generate a complex form of relationship in which the participating organizations cooperate and compete simultaneously. It is of great importance to develop knowledge about this kind of relationship typically in the current GSE-related multi-sourcing environment. We carried out a longitudinal case study and utilized data from the 'Novo pay' project, which is available in the public domain. This project involved an outgoing New Zealand based vendor and incoming Australian based vendor. The results show that the demand for the same human resources, dependency upon cooperation and collaboration between vendors, reliance on each other system's configurations and utilizing similar strategies by the client, which worked for the previous vendor, generated a set of tensions which needed to be continuously managed throughout the project.

Vendor transition; Vendor switching; Offshoring projects; Novopay
IEEE 10th International Conference on Global Software Engineering Workshops held at University of Castilla La Mancha, Ciudad Real, 2015-07-13 to 2015-07-16, published in: Proceedings 2015 IEEE 10th International Conference on Global Software Engineering Workshops, pp.1 - 6
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