Craik’s The New Zealanders: A Formative Case of Meaning-Construction

Moon, Paul
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Victoria University of Wellington Library

From the 1820s, there was a surge in the number of books about New Zealand being published in Britain.  George Craik’s The New Zealanders (1830) serves an exemplar of how many of these works – which tended to be more popular than academic – not only provided British readers with information about New Zealand and its indigenous people, but which also contributed to processes of meaning-construction that both reflected current trends in interpreting the non-European world, and to some extent anticipated new ways of understanding the indigenous other.

2103 Historical Studies
The Journal of New Zealand Studies, ISSN: 1173-6348 (Print); 2324-3740 (Online), Victoria University of Wellington Library, (NS36). doi: 10.26686/jnzs.ins36.8326
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