Quitting behaviour in good (and bad) work places

Markey, R
Pacheco, GA
Ravenswood, K
Webber, DJ
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Commissioned Report
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Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

This paper argues that the decision to quit is strongly influenced by employee perceptions of the quality of the work environment (QWE), and that ignoring QWE can lead to incorrect conclusions concerning the influence of other factors on the quitting decision. However, our empirical results also illustrate that some of the antecedents of quitting, namely high levels of stress, gaining information about important decisions and changes, and changes in job satisfaction, are only significant if the overall QWE is perceived to be good; if the QWE is perceived to be bad then these factors appear to have no significant influence on the quitting intention of the worker. This paper contributes to the literature through a work environment approach to understanding the complexities of the quitting decision.

AUT Report for the department of labour on impact of employment practices on productivity: Quitting behaviour in good (and bad) work places, pp.1-20
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