Mindfulness in Tai Chi Chuan as Practised amongst Higher Education Students with Implications for Health and Learning: A Narrative Review

Henning, MA
Feng, XJ
Chen, Y
Moir, F
Krägeloh, CU
Hobson, J
Webster, CS
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Journal Article
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LIDSEN Publishing Inc

This review examines the quality of the research exploring mindfulness within tai chi chuan and the way this integrative practice benefits health and learning for higher education students. A narrative review based on a systematic search was conducted. Ten English and three Chinese databases were utilised to appraise the relevant literature. The initial search identified 874 potentially appropriate English articles and 265 Chinese articles. A final review of 52 Chinese and 8 English articles was conducted. We used an evidence classification framework to determine the research rigour of the 60 articles (levels 1 to 4). We found that the majority of the studies reviewed were deemed to be either descriptive studies or based on opinion. From a narrative synthesis of patterns emerging within the purported benefits of tai chi chuan cited in the reviewed papers, we identified four clear categories, namely physiological outcomes, motor function and balance, learning, and psychological status. We found that more literature was published in Chinese than English, suggesting the need for reviews to be conducted across language databases. Moreover, we established that tai chi chuan as an integrative meditational exercise can enhance health and learning for higher education students.

Mindfulness; Tai chi chuan; Higher education; Narrative review
OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine 2021; 6(4): 033; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.2104033.
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