Footwear Experiences of People with Chronic Musculoskeletal Diseases

Hendry, G
Brenton-Rule, A
Barr, G
Rome, K
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Objective: Foot pain and deformities are frequently reported by people with chronic musculoskeletal diseases, but only limited research has been conducted to explore the key issues concerning footwear difficulties in this population. The aim of this study was to explore, identify and describe the main issues surrounding the footwear experiences of people with chronic musculoskeletal diseases.

Methods: A qualitative manifest content analysis of open-ended survey responses concerning footwear experiences was conducted from a national footwear survey of people with chronic musculoskeletal diseases in New Zealand. Eighty-five respondents submitted usable responses. Specific statements in the text were identified as ‘units of analysis’ prior to coding and organisation of these units into emerging mutually-exclusive categories. Content analysis was independently undertaken by three researchers and final categories and coding was achieved through consensus. Frequencies of assigned units of analysis were calculated in order to obtain a quantitative description for each category.

Results: Four categories encompassing a total of nine subcategories related to the footwear experiences of respondents emerged from the qualitative data content analysis including: 1) difficulties in finding appropriate footwear; 2) dissatisfaction with therapeutic footwear provision and foot care access; 3) high costs of footwear, foot care and self-care; and 4) satisfaction with therapeutic footwear and foot care.

Conclusion: Key categories describing the important issues surrounding the footwear experiences of respondents with chronic musculoskeletal diseases were identified which may provide important targets for improving footwear and foot care services, and self-management strategies. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Arthritis care & research, 67(8), 1164-1172.
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