Embedding the Living Well Toolkit Into Service Delivery – A Complex Process

Mudge, S
Kayes, N
Payne, D
Smith, G
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Journal Article
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Objective: To embed the Living Well Toolkit package and to understand how it was implemented at each site and to explore the experiences of users. Methods: The toolkit package was introduced in four rehabilitation settings using a tailored implementation process negotiated with each site. The varied data sources were analysed drawing on directed content analysis. Results: Clients with neurological conditions and clinicians initially weighed the merits of the toolkit package. A positive weighing up was prerequisite for deciding to use. Clinicians described considerable thought and planning to make the toolkit package fit and flow in clinical practice. Users of the toolkit package described ways in which it shaped their thinking. Conclusion: Implementation of the toolkit package was a complex process for clinicians and services, involving ongoing work to optimise its impact relative to the client and context. Clinicians and clients who used the toolkit package described positive changes, congruent with person-centred communication. Innovation: The Living Well Toolkit is freely available for all to use. Clinicians who used reflective and responsive thinking to make the toolkit package work found it provided them with a broader perspective of the client.

4203 Health Services and Systems , 42 Health Sciences
PEC Innovation, ISSN: 2772-6282 (Print); 2772-6282 (Online), Elsevier, 1, 100033-100033. doi: 10.1016/j.pecinn.2022.100033
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