Uhlola kweNdebele: Reconnecting Zimbabwe Through Typographic Design

Mpofu, N
Mortensen Steagall, M
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Journal Article
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The State University of Minas Gerais - UEMG - Brazil

This article presents the methodological and contextual components of a research conducted by artistic practice with a focus on typographic design and the reconnection of ancestral culture. Uhlola kweNdebele focuses on the aesthetics and symbolic elements of the adinkra symbols, part of the Ndebele culture. The typography developed focuses on the recognition of forms of African symbols, while for the practitioner it is a chronicle that recognizes a personal history. The purpose of the article is to contribute to the discussions regarding the use of graphic design as an engine of cultural and autoetnographic research, reintegrating the past and the present. The article aims to suggest a social commentary and notions of representation in African typography, challenging a vast number of countries with their own cultures and values.

Typographic design , African Design , Adinkra Symbology , Graphic Design
Transverse, (10), 08–16. Recovered from https://revista.uemg.br/index.php/transverso/article/view/6097
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