Awareness of Concussion in Equestrian Sports. Report to Stakeholders, January 2019.

Theadom, A
Reid, D
Hume, P
Hardacker, N
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Commissioned Report
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Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Executive Summary

An online 48-item questionnaire was used to explore concussion awareness, attitudes and behaviour in equestrian sports in New Zealand (NZ). Equestrian Sports New Zealand, New Zealand Pony Cub, Harness Racing NZ, NZ Thoroughbred Racing, Rodeo NZ, NZ Veterinary Association, NZ Farrier Association, and study sponsors emailed their members a link to the online questionnaire. A link was also advertised in equestrian magazines and through social media. Paper copies of the questionnaire were made available at a number of community presentations and equestrian events across New Zealand. The final sample of 1,486 participants were aged between 16 and 83, were from a wide range of equestrian disciplines and included amateurs and professionals.

Theadom, A., Reid, D., Hardaker, N., Hume, P. A., (2019). Awareness of Concussion in Equestrian Sports. Report to Stakeholders, January 2019. 22 pages.
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