Factors Which Influence Participation in Telerehabilitation – A Scoping Review of the Literature

Candy, Sarah
Reeve, Julie
Taylor, Denise
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Journal Article
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Physiotherapy New Zealand

Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is a high-value intervention for people living with a chronic respiratory disease. Uptake and completion of PR remains low, and telerehabilitation provides an alternative model for remotely delivering PR, which may improve the reach of this intervention. While telerehabilitation is safe and likely equivalent to centre-based PR, little is known about the barriers to participation in telerehabilitation to date. This scoping review aims to better understand the factors influencing perception of and participation in telerehabilitation for people living with a chronic respiratory disease. Scopus, MEDLINE, and CINAHL were searched between July 27 to November 23, 2022. Articles were screened, and those fulfilling inclusion criteria were extracted to a standard template. Extracted data were analysed using narrative synthesis. Twenty-seven studies met the inclusion criteria. People living with a chronic respiratory disease perceive telerehabilitation to be convenient and flexible, but technically challenging and lacking in contact with clinicians and peer support. The experiences from a small number of people who have participated in these programmes counter this with praise for the therapeutic relationship they developed with their clinician and the social support they received.

4201 Allied Health and Rehabilitation Science , 4203 Health Services and Systems , 42 Health Sciences , Behavioral and Social Science , 7.1 Individual care needs , 7 Management of diseases and conditions , 3 Good Health and Well Being , 1103 Clinical Sciences , 4201 Allied health and rehabilitation science
New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy, ISSN: 0303-7193 (Print); 2230-4886 (Online), Physiotherapy New Zealand, 51(3), 233-246. doi: 10.15619/nzjp.v51i3.345
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