Forest and Wood Products Australia Project PN04.2005: maximising impact sound resistance of timber framed floor/ceiling systems

Chung, H
Emms, G
Dodd, G
Schmid, G
McGunnigle, K
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Commissioned Report
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Forest & Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA)

This project further developed existing Australasian and overseas research to produce floor/ceiling systems for floors having acoustic properties which are comparable with concrete floor constructions, while also meeting the acoustic requirements of the Australian and New Zealand building codes, and being cost effective and buildable using existing construction industry skills. The project was divided up into a number of aspects, with the focus being on low-frequency impact insulation performance: Theoretical modelling; Experimental testing; and Subjective testing. The results produced design recommendations for a timber floor with low-frequency performance equal to a concrete floor.

(2006). Maximising impact sound resistance of timber framed floor/ ceiling systems Volume 1 (Research Report number PN04.2005). Retrieved from website:
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