'It's about time'. Dissemination and Evaluation of a Global Health Systems Strengthening Roadmap for Musculoskeletal Health – Insights and Future Directions

Briggs, Andrew M
Chua, Jason
Cross, Marita
Ahmad, Nighat Mir
Finucane, Laura
Haq, Syed Atiqul
Joshipura, Manjul
Kalla, Asgar Ali
March, Lyn
Moscogiuri, Federico
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Journal Article
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Actions towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goal 3.4 typically focus on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) associated with premature mortality, with less emphasis on NCDs associated with disability, such as musculoskeletal conditions-the leading contributor to the global burden of disability. Can systems strengthening priorities for an underprioritised NCD be codesigned, disseminated and evaluated? A 'roadmap' for strengthening global health systems for improved musculoskeletal health was launched in 2021. In this practice paper, we outline dissemination efforts for this Roadmap and insights on evaluating its reach, user experience and early adoption. A global network of 22 dissemination partners was established to drive dissemination efforts, focussing on Africa, Asia and Latin America, each supported with a suite of dissemination assets. Within a 6-month evaluation window, 52 Twitter posts were distributed, 2195 visitors from 109 countries accessed the online multilingual Roadmap and 138 downloads of the Roadmap per month were recorded. Among 254 end users who answered a user-experience survey, respondents 'agreed' or 'strongly agreed' the Roadmap was valuable (88.3%), credible (91.2%), useful (90.1%) and usable (85.4%). Most (77.8%) agreed or strongly agreed they would adopt the Roadmap in some way. Collection of real-world adoption case studies allowed unique insights into adoption practices in different contexts, settings and health system levels. Diversity in adoption examples suggests that the Roadmap has value and adoption potential at multiple touchpoints within health systems globally. With resourcing, harnessing an engaged global community and establishing a global network of partners, a systems strengthening tool can be cocreated, disseminated and formatively evaluated.

Arthritis , Health policy , Health systems , Health systems evaluation , Arthritis , Health policy , Health systems , Health systems evaluation , 4206 Public Health , 42 Health Sciences , Behavioral and Social Science , Generic health relevance , 3 Good Health and Well Being , 4203 Health services and systems , 4206 Public health
BMJ Glob Health, ISSN: 2059-7908 (Print); 2059-7908 (Online), BMJ, 8(11), e013786-e013786. doi: 10.1136/bmjgh-2023-013786
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