The Role of Event Related Potentials in Pre-comprehension Processing of Consumers to Marketing Logos

Nazari, MA
Salehi Fadardi, J
Gholami Doborjeh, Z
Amanzadeh Oghaz, T
Saeedi, MT
Yazdi, SAA
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Guilan University of Medical Sciences, and co-published by Negah Institute for Scientific Communication

Background: In human behavior study, by peering directly into the brain and assessing distinct patterns, evoked neurons and neuron spike can be more understandable by taking advantages of accurate brain analysis. Objectives: We investigated the role of Event Related Potentials (ERPs) in pre-comprehension processing of consumers to marketing logos. Materials and Methods: In the framework of an experimental design, twenty-six right-handed volunteers (13 men, 13 women) participated in 2013 in the University of Tabriz. An individual task with a presentation of familiar vs. unfamiliar logos was designed. Stimuli were displayed on a monitor controlled by a PC using the Mitsar® stimulus presentation system PsyTask. Statistical analyses of ERPs data were analyzed by repeated measures ANOVA. Results: Our results showed, when subjects were dealing with familiar logos, higher peak amplitude for the N1 component in right hemisphere of the brain can be observed. These variations on averages of early components of ERPs in occipital lobe can be referred to the pre-perceptual brain activities. Conclusion: Investigating early components of ERP can be utilized further as an effective factor in prediction of the consumers ‘preference particularly in neuromarketing field.

Evoked potentials; Comprehension; Neuro-marketing
Caspian Journal of Neurological Sciences, 2019, 5(1): pp.16-22
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