‘Follow the Moon’ Development: Writing a Systematic Literature Review on Global Software Engineering Education

Clear, T
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This presentation reflects on method and practice in Computer Science Education Research, through introducing the process of conducting a Systematic Literature Review. While Systematic Literature Reviews are an established research method within the Software Engineering discipline, they are a relatively unfamiliar research approach within Computer Science Education. Yet research disciplines can be strengthened by borrowing and adapting methods from other fields. I reflect on the rationale and underlying philosophy behind Systematic Reviews, and the implications for conducting a rigorous study and the quality of the resulting outputs. This chronicle of the journey of an ITiCSE working group, outlines the process we adopted and reflects on the methodological and logistical challenges we had to overcome in producing a review titled Challenges and Recommendations for the Design and Conduct of Global Software Engineering Courses. I conclude by discussing how systematic literature reviews can be adapted to an undergraduate teaching setting.

Global software engineering education; International collaboration; Open ended group project; Capstone; teaching and learning; Global software development; Evidence-based software engineering; Systematic literature review; Research methodology
Koli Calling 2015, November 19-22, 2015, Koli, Finland. doi: 10.1145/2828959.28350190
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