Collaboration and development of radio astronomy in Australasia and South-Pacific region: New Zealand perspectives

Gulyaev, S
Natusch, T
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Cambridge University Press

As a result of collective efforts of an Australian–New Zealand VLBI team, the first New Zealand VLBI system was developed, and a series of test observations between New Zealand and Australia conducted. The equipment and techniques used to conduct New Zealand's first VLBI observations are discussed and results of work in Australia and New Zealand to obtain fringes and the image of the source (PKS1921-231) are presented. The road map for New Zealand radio-astronomy as well as New Zealand involvement in the SKA is discussed.

Radio-astronomy , VLBI , SK
Proceedings of the 26th meeting of the International Astronomical Union (IAU'06): Special Session #5, Prague, Czech Republic, vol. 2, pp 137-140
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