The 51st Reason Why There Are So Few Māori in Science

Stewart, Georgina
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Journal Article
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Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia

A 2022 paper by Tara McAllister lists ‘50 reasons why there are no Māori’ in university science departments, giving a range of examples of Māori experience of personal and structural racism within the edifices of science and research in Aotearoa New Zealand. In support of McAllister and the larger social and intellectual project of Kaupapa Māori to which her work contributes, this commentary offers ethnic socio-economic inequality as the ‘51st reason’ and explains how it causes the permanent disparity of very few working scientists who identify as Māori.

4701 Communication and Media Studies , 4702 Cultural Studies , 46 Information and Computing Sciences , 47 Language, Communication and Culture , 4610 Library and Information Studies , 10 Reduced Inequalities , 0807 Library and Information Studies , 2001 Communication and Media Studies , 2002 Cultural Studies , 4610 Library and information studies , 4701 Communication and media studies , 4702 Cultural studies
ACCESS: Contemporary Issues in Education, ISSN: 0111-8889 (Print); 0111-8889 (Online), Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia, 43(1). doi: 10.46786/ac23.4369
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