Weldability and Mechanical Properties of Pure Copper Foils Welded by Blue Diode Laser.

Pasang, Tim
Fujio, Shumpei
Lin, Pai-Chen
Tao, Yuan
Sudo, Mao
Kuendig, Travis
Sato, Yuji
Tsukamoto, Masahiro
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Journal Article
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The need to manufacture components out of copper is significantly increasing, particularly in the solar technology, semiconductor, and electric vehicle sectors. In the past few decades, infrared laser (IR) and green laser (GL) have been the primary technologies used to address this demand, especially for small or thin components. However, with the increased demand for energy saving, alternative joint techniques such as blue diode laser (BDL) are being actively explored. In this paper, bead-on-plate welding experiments on 0.2 mm thick pure copper samples employing a BDL are presented. Two sets of parameters were carefully selected in this investigation, namely Cu-1: Power (P) = 200 W; Speed (s) = 1 mm/s; and angle = 0°, and Cu-2: P = 200 W; s = 5 mm/s; and angle = 10°. The results from both sets of parameters produced defect-free full penetration welds. Hardness test results indicated relatively softer weld zones compared with the base metal. Tensile test samples fractured in the weld zones. Overall, the samples welded with Cu-1 parameters showed better mechanical properties, such as strength and elongation, than those welded with the Cu-2 parameters. The tensile strength and elongation obtained from Cu-1 were marginally lower than those of the unwelded pure copper. The outcomes from this research provide an alternative welding technique that is able to produce reliable, strong, and precise joints, particularly for small and thin components, which can be very challenging to produce.

bead-on-plate , blue diode laser , mechanical properties , pure copper , weldability , 4014 Manufacturing Engineering , 40 Engineering , 7 Affordable and Clean Energy , 03 Chemical Sciences , 09 Engineering , 34 Chemical sciences , 40 Engineering
Materials (Basel), ISSN: 1996-1944 (Print); 1996-1944 (Online), MDPI AG, 17(9), 2140-. doi: 10.3390/ma17092140
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