Assessment of a Solar Parabolic Trough Power Plant with Grid Integration in Egypt

Anderson, T
Elmaddah, E
Lie, T
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Australian PV Institute (APVI)

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) is a promising technology for generating efficient renewable solar energy in countries with high Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI). Egypt as one of those countries could harness the sun’s energy for the generation of power, which could have an appreciable impact on the future Egypt’s energy plan. Nevertheless, the current and planned CSP projects do not match with the Egyptian solar energy potential. In reviewing the literature, many studies have been conducted on the application of CSP technology in the Middle East but usually for the technical and economic aspects. In contrast, there are few studies that extend to the next step of grid integration and the associated load flow studies. Accordingly, this study examined both the technological and economic aspects for a potential 100 MW CSP plant in Egypt in addition to investigating the grid integration performance by conducting a load flow analysis.

APSRC, 2018, ‘Proceedings of the Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference 2018, Retrieved from:
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