Exploring Critical Thinking in Graphic Design Education in Yemen

Sabra, N
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Journal Article
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Revista GEMInIS

The paper takes a closer look into critical thinking in Yemen. It navigates critical thinking in Yemeni graphic design undergraduate education. This paper tackles the lack of research in the areas of critical thinking as Yemen has not traditionally encouraged or utilized critical thinking in graphic design education. Within design, a field of study where critical thinking is required to create solutions to existing and new problems, a range of culturally relevant solutions for problems are sought rather than the same solution for each (Barbour, 2016). However, there is an opportunity to investigate critical thinking from a Yemeni Islamic worldview. This is an opportunity for us all to engage in a conversation about what critical thinking might mean in Islamic culture. This paper ultimately aims to demonstrate the Islamic and Western literature about critical thinking and present this understanding within Yemeni graphic design education.

Critical thinking; Education; Graphic design; Ijtihad; Islam
Revista GEMInIS, 13(3), 35–43. https://doi.org/10.53450/2179-1465.RG.2022v13i3p35-43
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