Application of Asian Environment Simulator (AES) to Environmental Assessment in Haji River Watershed

Perez-Kuroki, A
Isozaki, Y
Nakagoshi, N
Kikuchi, A
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Journal Article
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広島大学大学院国際協力研究科 (Hiroshima University Graduate School of International Cooperation)

In response to the growing concern on environmental assessment in dam management in Japan, using numerical simulation technologies, it is often required to comprehend the dynamic features of the water (sea, lakes, rives, ice, evaporated water, etc) which is the basis of material transport system as well as eco-system. In this research, we provide an overview for the development of the simulation programs applied to Haji Dam watershed as a case of study which is required a deeper assessment due to the increasing decay in water quality originated by human activities inside the watershed. In order to demonstrate how this techniques could be use in the future to assure a better information management we will introduce a series of programs in Asian Environment Simulator (AES) which will be used to achieve the highest response to human efforts.

Environmental simulator , Dam management , Environmental assessment
Journal of International Development and Cooperation, vol.13(1), pp.79 - 87
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