Continence NZ Service Users – Research and Service Review

Williams, Celeita
Fear, Laura
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The New Zealand Continence Association trading as Continence NZ

This research was commissioned to deliver a review of the services provided by Continence NZ and make recommendations as to how the organisation can most effectively serve those living with incontinence. To inform these recommendations, the research sought to understand the current situation of continence care in Aotearoa, New Zealand, the experiences of those accessing Continence NZ’s services and the experiences of those seeking care for continence concerns.

Continence NZ contracted Sapere to research the current state of continence care, which is documented in the report ‘Continence practice in New Zealand’ (Dourst et al., 2023). The experiences of those seeking care for continence concerns have been documented in the report ‘The lived experience of access to continence care in Aotearoa, New Zealand: A community perspective.’ (Williams & Fear, 2023). The results of the feedback on Continence NZ’s services are included in Appendices 1 – 4 of this document.

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