Teaching Visual Storytelling for Virtual Production Pipelines Incorporating Motion Capture and Visual Effects

Kruse, J
Bennett, G
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Film, television and media production are subject to consistent change due to ever-evolving technological and economic environments. Accordingly, tertiary teaching of subject areas such as cinema, animation and visual effects require frequent adjustments regarding curriculum structure and pedagogy. This paper discusses a multifaceted, cross-disciplinary approach to teaching Visual Narratives as part of a Digital Design program. Specifically, pedagogical challenges in teaching Visual Storytelling through Motion Capture and Visual Effects are addressed, and a new pedagogical framework using three different modes of moving image storytelling is applied and cited as case studies. Further, ongoing changes in film production environments and their impact on curricula for tertiary education providers are detailed, and appropriate suggestions based on tangible teaching experience are made. This paper also discusses the advantages of teaching Motion Capture in the context of immersive environments.

Motion capture; Visual storytelling; Narrative; Visual effects; Curriculum
SA’15 Symposium on Education, November 02 – 06, 2015, Kobe, Japan.
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