Evaluation Methods for Assessing Users' Psychological Experiences of Web-based Psychosocial Interventions: A Systematic Review

Feather, JS
Howson, M
Ritchie, L
Carter, PD
Parry, DT
Koziol-McLain, J
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Journal Article
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JMIR Publications

The use of Web-based interventions to deliver mental health and behavior change programs is increasingly popular. They are cost-effective, accessible, and generally effective. Often these interventions concern psychologically sensitive and challenging issues, such as depression or anxiety. The process by which a person receives and experiences therapy is important to understanding therapeutic process and outcomes. While the experience of the patient or client in traditional face-to-face therapy has been evaluated in a number of ways, there appeared to be a gap in the evaluation of patient experiences of therapeutic interventions delivered online. Evaluation of Web-based artifacts has focused either on evaluation of experience from a computer Web-design perspective through usability testing or on evaluation of treatment effectiveness. Neither of these methods focuses on the psychological experience of the person while engaged in the therapeutic process.

Web-based , Computer systems , eHealth , eHealth evaluation , Medical informatics applications , Psychology, clinical , Usability , Usability testing , Web browser
Journal of medical Internet research, 18(6), e181.
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