Te Roopu Waiora E Inclusão Na Nova Zelândia. Um Projeto De Design Para Uma Ong Māori Dedicada a Defici-entes

Loh, C
Michie, K
Mortensen Steagall, M
Strickland, C
Nolwazi, M
Sanguanrachasab, J
Tavares, T
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Conference Contribution
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Centro de Investigação e Comunicação (CIAC)

This paper describes a Communication Design project developed by year three Communication Design students in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The article outlines the methodological framework based on a human-centred design approach to problem-solving, considered through a pragmatic paradigm and mixed methods. The design of the methodology considered that Te Roopu Waiora (TRW) is a non-profitable social enterprise organisation dedicated to supporting the Māori community with sensorial, physical and intellectual disabilities. As such, the methodology for this project reached beyond the traditional Western design practice, and it required culturally specific knowledge to appropriately reflect the Kaupapa Māori values at the centre of the organisation. Through an in- 1 Kaupapa significa um conjunto de ideias que funcionam como base ou fundamento para uma ação, funcionando como um conjunto de valores e princípios. vestigation of design practices involving a human-centred design approach, this project has enabled students to reflect in Māori principles that were integral to the development of a cohesive rebrand, and to reflect these values to the audience.

Design in Aotearoa New Zealand, , Kaupapa Māori , Branding , Design Education , Human-centred design
Proceedings of the International Conference on Digital Creation in Arts and Communication, ARTeFACTo2020, pp. 212-216.
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