Putting Foucault to work: an approach to the practical application of Foucault's methodological imperatives

Nicholls, DA
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Journal Article
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University of Ottawa

This paper presents an overview of the methodological approach taken in a recently completed Foucauldian discourse analysis of physiotherapy practice. In keeping with other approaches common to postmodern research this paper resists the temptation to define a proper or ‘correct’ interpretation of Foucault’s methodological oeuvre; preferring instead to apply a range of Foucauldian propositions to examples drawn directly from the thesis. In the paper I elucidate on the blended archaeological and genealogical approach I took and unpack some of the key imperatives, principles and rules I grappled with in completing the thesis.

Archaeology , Foucault , Genealogy , Methodology , Physiotherapy
Aporia, vol.1(1), pp.30 - 40
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