PreventS-MD®: A New Digital Technology to Maintain Cardiovascular Prevention in Routine Clinical Practice

Kravchenko, Mikhail A
Gnedovskaya, Elena V
Feigin, Valery L
Piradov, Mikhail A
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Journal Article
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ECO-Vector LLC

Stroke, myocardial infarction (MI), and other main non-communicable diseases (NCDs) remain major causes of mortality and disability globally. Up to 80% of cardiovascular events and up to 60% of NCDs are associated with potentially controlled risk factors (RFs). State-of-the-art digital technologies can help bridge the gap between evidence-based prevention methods and their critically low availability in routine clinical practice.

An innovative digital platform named PreventS-MD® is a specially developed tool for healthcare professionals to be used under time constraints. With PreventS-MD®, clinicians can estimate patient's 10-year cardiovascular risk within several minutes. Then, they automatically get adapted results and recommendations to address identified RFs as well as graphical representation of specific RF contribution to overall stroke and MI risks. If some additional time is available, the clinician and the patient can collaboratively set customized achievable goals to correct modifiable RFs. An integrated analytical module provides healthcare managers with current digital risk profiles of the relevant population to evaluate prevention effectiveness and to forecast the load throughout the healthcare levels.

PreventS-MD® has several unique advantages, including time-saving design, the function to activate motivated RF correction, individually tailored recommendations, and information on personally changed digital profiles of vascular risks. As cardiovascular diseases and main NCDs have a lot of common RFs, PreventS-MD® implemented into routine clinical practice will utilize a complex approach to the prevention of main NCDs, decreasing both stroke and MI burden and addressing complications of chronic pulmonary and kidney disease, tumors of any type, dementia, etc.</jats:p>

4203 Health Services and Systems , 32 Biomedical and Clinical Sciences , 42 Health Sciences , Prevention , Heart Disease - Coronary Heart Disease , Heart Disease , Cardiovascular , Clinical Research , Stroke , Stroke , Cardiovascular , 3 Good Health and Well Being
Annals of Clinical and Experimental Neurology, ISSN: 2075-5473 (Print); 2409-2533 (Online), ECO-Vector LLC, 18(1), 88-97. doi: 10.54101/acen.2024.1.10
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