Evaluating mobile learning artefacts

Petrova, K
Li, C
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The University of Auckland/Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ascilite)

The design of mLearning applications based on mobile data technologies and the development of mLearning services implementing them is driven both by mobile technology innovation, and by the trend towards more student-centered and personalized learning. mLearning activities are normally delivered through an mLearning service, which may use a specialized hardware/software mobile learning artefact. The study aims to develop a framework for the evaluation of innovative mLearning artefacts with respect to their potential to succeed as mLearning services. The perceptions of the mLearning users are investigated in order to identify the dimensions of the framework. The outcomes of the completed study may highlight the role of artefact design in the adoption of the mLearning service and provide directions to artefact designers.

Mobile learning , mLearning , Evaluation , Adoption , Mobile value , Artefact , Value chain
Atkinson, R. J. & McBeath, C. (Eds) (2009). Same places, different spaces. Proceedings ascilite Auckland 2009. 26th Annual ascilite International Conference, Auckland, pp. 768 - 772
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