Bluetooth information exchange network

Liu, Xiaoning
Al-Anbuky, Adnan
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Master of Engineering
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Auckland University of Technology

Bluetooth is a low cost and low power wireless technology for connecting portable and / or fixed Bluetooth enabled devices to form short-range wireless ad hoc personal area networks (PANs). As the Bluetooth specification does not specify a protocol to form ad hoc Bluetooth networks, a method for forming an efficient Bluetooth network under a practical networking scenario is still an open research problem. This thesis introduces an approach to implement an indoor ad hoc Bluetooth wireless network, Bluetooth information exchange network (BIEN). This network formation is based on Bluetooth and Java technologies. A set of Bluetooth enabled devices configured with the BIEN software application are able to spontaneously establish a dynamic multi-hop wireless network using Bluetooth technology without the need of formal network infrastructure, centralized administration, fixed routers or access points. In this study, the performance evaluation focuses on the relation between network capacity and topology by testing end-to-end performance in terms of throughput and the latency of communication links with various parameters, including the hop number between nodes and the number of slaves in piconets. The evaluation results show that the throughput reduces with the increased length of a path, and with an increase in the number of slaves in a piconet in the network. The latency also increases with path length, and with the number of slaves in a piconet in the different experimental BIENs, whether if there is traffic or not in the networks. Experimental results have further confirmed the necessity to minimize the number of bridge nodes in the Bluetooth networks due to their traffic bottleneck effect. This work is an attempt at implementation of a distributed multi-hop scatter net with an integrated routing protocol in the practical environments, while most of the literature focuses on covering the modelling of it. It intends to demonstrate how Bluetooth technology with Java technology can be used to design, develop and deploy ad hoc wireless networks with the commercial Bluetooth devices, and examine how well Bluetooth technology supports ad hoc multi-hop wireless network technology.

Development , Implementation , Ad Hoc , Bluetooth , Wireless , Network
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