Causal factors, benefits and challenges of test-driven development: practitioner perceptions

Buchan, J
Li, L
MacDonell, SG
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This report describes the experiences of one organization's adoption of Test Driven Development (TDD) practices as part of a medium-term software project employing Extreme Programming as a methodology. Three years into this project the team's TDD experiences are compared with their non-TDD experiences on other ongoing projects. The perceptions of the benefits and challenges of using TDD in this context are gathered through five semi-structured interviews with key team members. Their experiences indicate that use of TDD has generally been positive and the reasons for this are explored to deepen the understanding of TDD practice and its effects on code quality, application quality and development productivity. Lessons learned are identified to aid others with the adoption and implementation of TDD practices, and some potential further research areas are suggested.

TDD benefits , TDD challenges , causal networks , Test-Driven development (TDD)
18th Asia-Pacific Conference (APSEC) 2011, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, 2011-12-05 - 2011-12-08, pages 405 - 413
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