An Overview of Enhancing the Performance of Medical Implants with Nanocomposites

Ramezani, Maziar
Ripin, Zaidi Mohd
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Journal Article
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jats:pMedical implants are essential tools for treating chronic illnesses, restoring physical function, and improving the quality of life for millions of patients worldwide. However, implant failures due to infection, mechanical wear, corrosion, and tissue rejection continue to be a major challenge. Nanocomposites, composed of nanoparticles or nanofillers dispersed in a matrix material, have shown promising results in enhancing implant performance. This paper provides an overview of the current state of research on the use of nanocomposites for medical implants. We discuss the types of nanocomposites being developed, including polymer-, metal-, and ceramic-based materials, and their advantages/disadvantages for medical implant applications. Strategies for improving implant performance using nanocomposites, such as improving biocompatibility and mechanical properties and reducing wear and corrosion, are also examined. Challenges to the widespread use of nanocomposites in medical implants are discussed, such as biocompatibility, toxicity, long-term stability, standardisation, and quality control. Finally, we discuss future directions for research, including the use of advanced fabrication techniques and the development of novel nanocomposite materials. The use of nanocomposites in medical implants has the potential to improve patient outcomes and advance healthcare, but continued research and development will be required to overcome the challenges associated with their use.</jats:p>

40 Engineering , 4003 Biomedical Engineering , Bioengineering , 4016 Materials engineering
Journal of Composites Science, ISSN: 2504-477X (Print); 2504-477X (Online), MDPI AG, 7(5), 199-199. doi: 10.3390/jcs7050199
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