Performance of a building integrated collector for solar heating and radiant cooling

Anderson, TN
Duke, M
Carson, JK
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Australian Solar Energy Society Ltd

Due to their limited temperature range, unglazed solar collectors have long been relegated to providing low cost heating in applications such as swimming pool heating systems. This limited temperature range is due to heat loss: firstly by convection to the surrounding air and secondly by radiant heat transfer to the cold sky. During the day an unglazed collector can be operated as a standard solar absorber to heat water in a storage tank. However, it is possible to take advantage of radiant cooling of unglazed solar collectors by operating them at night. Under night conditions when there is no solar radiation and the sky temperature is low, the collector can radiate heat to the sky and cool a cold storage tank to provide cooling in the building the following day. This study theoretically and experimentally examines the performance of a building integrated collector for heating and cooling and explores the contribution it can make to heating and cooling loads in typical New Zealand and Australian buildings.

Building integrated , Unglazed solar collector , Radiant cooling
Presentation at the 49th AuSES Annual Conference(Solar2011), Sydney, Australia
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