Is Feminism a Trash Term to Use in New Zealand? An Investigation Into the Feelings Towards Feminism Using Emojis.

Johnson, Harriet
Chan, Yvonne
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Master of Creative Technologies
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Auckland University of Technology

This thesis explores the feelings towards Feminism and if these feelings can change through satirical styled art in New Zealand. This paper centres around the ideology of Standpoint Feminism. The research conducted was in the form of an online survey that utilises emojis as a data collection method to record emotional responses toward Feminism. The analysis of the data focusses on the New Zealand portion of results with the comparison of overseas participant results. The emoji choices were collected via a pre-survey to inform the primary survey. The main survey used emojis to record an initial response to feminism before participants viewed the satirical styled digital prints to observe if a change in feelings towards Feminism occurred when compared against the emojis selected after viewing the prints. The purpose of using emojis is to avoid using a man-made language and to use a neutral, unbiased language to express emotions. The use of Emojis as a method of data collection is a relatively new concept as a data collection method, and it is unclear if there is any accuracy or reliability in using emoji driven data. To analyse this data, the following methodologies where applied; Descriptive study, Rational choice theory and a hybrid of Qualitative and Quantitive methods. Background research into New Zealand’s history of Feminism and the man-made influence the language we use has had in the reinforcement of misogyny is also explored and discussed.

Diversity , Emoji Research , Feminism , Feminist Ideologies , Satire Art , Rational Choice Theory
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