Studies of control strategies for building integrated solar energy system

Wahab, HA
Duke, M
Carson, JK
Anderson, TN
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Research and development work on Building Integrated Solar Energy Systems (BISES) has become an area of growing interest, not only in New Zealand (NZ) but worldwide. This interest has led to a significant growth in the use of solar energy to provide heating and electricity generation. This paper presents the theoretical and experimental results of a novel building integrated solar hot water system developed using commercial long run roofing materials. This work shows that it is possible to achieve effective integration that maintains the aesthetics of the building and also provides useful thermal energy. The results of a 6.73m2 glazed domestic hot water systems are presented. The key design parameters of the Building Integrated Thermal (BIT) system were identified and implemented in a TRansient SYstem Simulation (TRNSYS) model. Validation results comparing the simulation in TRNSYS and real experimentation show that experimental and simulation responses are close to each other. The coupling of TRNSYS and Matlab/Simulink shows the possibility to use Matlab/Simulink for developing appropriate control strategies for BIT roofing systems. Preliminary Fuzzy Logic (FL) intelligent controller was implemented in a Fuzzy Integrated System (FIS) toolbox in a Matlab/Simulink model and linked into TRNSYS model. Further work is needed to identify and design advanced predictive control strategies for the Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (BIPVT) solar system and determine how the performance can be optimized.

Building integrated photovoltaics , Fuzzy control , Power engineering computing , Power generation control , Predictive control , Solar power stations , Matlab/Simulink , New Zealand , TRNSYS model , Building integrated solar energy system , Building integrated thermal system , Electricity generation , Fuzzy integrated system toolbox , Fuzzy logic intelligent controller , Glazed domestic hot water , Heating generation , Photovoltaic thermal solar system , Predictive control , Roofing materials , Thermal energy , Transient system simulation , BIT , BIPVT , TRNSYS , MatlabISimulink
Presentation at the IEEE First Conference on Clean Energy and Technology (CET'11), pp.342 - 347
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