Moving Backwards, Moving Forward: The Experiences of Older Filipino Migrants Adjusting to Life in New Zealand

Montayre, J
Neville, S
Holroyd, E
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Purpose: To explore the experiences of older Filipino migrants adjusting to living permanently in New Zealand. Method: The qualitative descriptive approach taken in this study involved 17 individual face-to-face interviews of older Filipino migrants in New Zealand. Results: Three main themes emerged from the data. The first theme was “moving backwards and moving forward”, which described how these older Filipino migrants adjusted to challenges they experienced with migration. The second theme was “engaging with health services” and presented challenges relating to the New Zealand healthcare system, including a lack of knowledge of the nature of health services, language barriers, and differences in cultural views. The third theme, “new-found home”, highlighted establishing a Filipino identity in New Zealand and adjusting to the challenges of relocation. Conclusion: Adjustment to life in New Zealand for these older Filipino migrants meant starting over again by building new values through learning the basics and then moving forward from there.

Older migrants; Filipinos; Adjustment; Life experiences; New Zealand; Qualitative
International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, 12(1), 1347011.
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