New Zealand National Gambling Study: Correspondence Between Changes in Gambling and Gambling Risk Levels and Health, Quality of Life, and Health and Social Inequalities

Bellringer, M
Janicot, S
Ikeda, T
Lowe, G
Garrett, N
Abbott, M
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Commissioned Report
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Gambling and Addictions Research Centre, AUT University

Summary This study provides a statistical analysis of the four data collection years (2012 to 2015) of the National Gambling Study in order to assess how changes in gambling risk levels are associated with changes over time in health, wellbeing, disability, deprivation and social connectedness.

Data is presented on respondents gambling risk level compared to changes in life events, mental health, substance use/misuse, health conditions, social connectedness, deprivation, and other factors. Data is also presented by demographic variables. The analyses identified several significant associations that were more likely to occur between gambling risk level transitions and changes in health and lifestyle behaviours, and some that were less likely to occur. Overall, the transition into risky gambling was the most likely to be associated with maintaining or starting several negative health and lifestyle factors.

Bellringer, M. E., Janicot, S., Ikeda, T., Lowe, G., Garrett, N., & Abbott, M. (2020). New Zealand National Gambling Study: Correspondence between changes in gambling and gambling risk levels and health, quality of life, and health and social inequities. NGS series report number 9. Auckland: Auckland University of Technology, Gambling and Addictions Research Centre.
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