Using satisfaction arguments and rich traceability in requirements prioritisation

Motupally, Praveen Kumar
Connor, Andy
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Master of Computer and Information Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

Requirement Engineering (RE) is a distinct subset activity of Systems Engineering. Eliciting and Specifying requirements are the sub processes of RE. Eliciting and Specifying correct requirements, that meet the customer’s needs contributes to the project’s Quality and Success. However, determining the “Candidate Requirements” is challenging for a number of reasons. Requirement Prioritisation helps to cope with this problem. A number of Requirement Prioritisation methods exist. This dissertation aims to investigate a better prioritisation technique by subjectively assessing the “effort” between prioritising requirements with the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and prioritising “Satisfaction Arguments” (SA) with AHP and subjectively assessing the “effort” again. The results of the experiment show a similar set of priorities produced by both attempts, however, the perceived effort of prioritising SAs is less compared with prioritising requirements with AHP due to “Propagation of Priorities”. The results of the experiment show that “Propagation of Priorities” is possible with both the approaches, however “Propagation of Priorities” was found to be bidirectional when prioritising SA with AHP and unidirectional when prioritising requirements with AHP.

Requirement engineering , Satisfaction arguments , Analytical hierarchy process , Constructive research , Propagation of priorities , Requirement prioritisation
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