Sustainability and Textile Ideas Implementation

Al-Qahtani, Laila Amer
Al-Jumaily, Ahmed
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Journal Article
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Oxford University Press (OUP)

The textile industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are considered one of the important industries in which the produced parts are linked to the consumer who may choose them later to buy them. The culture of preserving fabric sustainability in the living room is not intended to retain the history of fabric. Therefore, it was necessary to think of more sustainable ways of implementing and manufacturing textiles by involving consumers in the manufacturing processes. The production of textile pieces in a way that meets his needs and fulfills his own desires and inclinations is the reason for creating that link between them, which makes him aware of the importance of each piece and thus the necessity of preserving it and striving for its sustainability by creating that sense of responsibility towards it. Among them, the aim of the research was to search for the most important different methods of implementing textile manufacturing in internal spaces and highlighting them through a comparison of five different methods. The research followed the analytical and comparative methodology, whereby each method was studied separately and analysed, then a comparison was made between the five different methods. After that, a set of important points were drawn up in the form of research recommendations in the process of sustaining industrial implementation.

4014 Manufacturing Engineering , 40 Engineering , 50 Philosophy and Religious Studies , Generic health relevance
International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies, ISSN: 1748-1325 (Print); 1748-1325 (Online), Oxford University Press (OUP), 18, 111-122. doi: 10.1093/ijlct/ctac064
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