Strategies to Reduce the Use of Seclusion and Restraint With Tangata Whai I the Ora

McKenna, B
Wharewera-Mika, J
Cooper, E
Wiki, N
Field, T
Edwards, E
Toko, M
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Commissioned Report
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Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui

This study explored Māori clinical, cultural and consumer perspectives on potential strategies and initiatives for reducing seclusion and restraint with Māori in acute mental health inpatient services.

This report is based on qualitative analyses of a hui with 16 participants who collectively held a high level of clinical, cultural and consumer expertise. The study aimed to examine, from a Māori perspective, current strategies used to reduce the use of seclusion or restraint with tāngata whai i te ora; specific cultural strategies and initiatives that may assist with reducing the use of seclusion and restraint; and to make recommendations for practice to reduce seclusion and restraint of tāngata whai i te ora that could potentially be trialled and evaluated within acute inpatient services.

Existing evidence for best practice to reduce the use of seclusion and restraint has been framed within Six Core Strategies (Huckshorn, 2006). The findings of this study align with these strategies. The recommendations represent a comprehensive approach to the reduction of the use of restraint and seclusion with tāngata whai i te ora, which is clearly based on a kaupapa Māori model of care and a vision for transformation of practice in mental health inpatient services.

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