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dc.contributor.authorRobotham, A
dc.contributor.authorHertzum, M
dc.contributor.editorHorváth, I
dc.contributor.editorMedland, AJ
dc.contributor.editorVergeest, JSM
dc.identifier.citation3rd International Symposium on Tools & Methods of Competitive Engineering held at Technical University of Delft, Delft, The Netherlands, 2000-04-18 to 2000-04-21, published in: Tools & Methods of Competitive Engineering 2000, pp.763 - 774 (12)
dc.description.abstractThis paper will describe the multi-board con-cept, which is a working approach for supporting life cycle oriented design and product quality. Aspects of this concept include construction of a common working environment where multiple display boards depict scenarios of the product life cycle, creating a shared quality mindset amongst designers, and developing creativity and synthesis in product design. The appropri-ateness of scenarios for supporting life cycle oriented design will be argued and prelim-inary results from early experimentation will be presented. Initial results lead us to believe that the multi-board concept promises to be a useful means of communication amongst the design team. We believe that it fosters a thorough understanding of life cycle events, which, in turn, inspires the design of innovative products of the highest quality.
dc.publisherDelft University Press
dc.rightsAuckland University of Technology (AUT) encourages public access to AUT information and supports the legal use of copyright material in accordance with the Copyright Act 1994 (the Act) and the Privacy Act 1993. Unless otherwise stated, copyright material contained on this site may be in the intellectual property of AUT, a member of staff or third parties. Any commercial exploitation of this material is expressly prohibited without the written permission of the owner.
dc.subjectLife cycle oriented design
dc.subjectProduct quality
dc.titleMulti-board concept - a scenario based approach for supporting product quality and life cycle oriented design
dc.typeConference Contribution
aut.conference.typePaper Published in Proceedings
aut.publication.placeDelft, The Netherlands

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