Toxic Love: soy baby formula, healthy alternative or unnecessary harm?

Evguenieva, Eva
Mercer, Brad
Oosterman, Allison
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Master of Communication Studies
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Auckland University of Technology

A growing amount of scientific evidence from around the world suggests that babies fed soy-based infant formula are being put at risk of developing a number of irreversible health complications with potentially devastating effects on their long-term health. New Zealand scientists have calculated that a baby exclusively fed with soy formula could be receiving the equivalent of a number of birth control pills of plant-based oestrogens on a daily basis. Alarmed international scientists have tried to get the message across but say the authorities have ignored them. In New Zealand, scientists have raised the question, has the Government done enough to protect our babies? Studies conducted by renowned scientific authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration in America and many others internationally, confirm the possible toxicity of the phytoestrogens found in soy formula. Babies have been identified as the most at-risk group of the population for soy phytoestrogen toxicity because they are at key developmental stage. Scientists interviewed said there is a common misconception that soy infant formula in its current form has been used in Asia for centuries and therefore can be considered safe, which could not be further from the truth. Some international authorities have applied the Precautionary Principle and have acted to protect their most vulnerable, while others appear to ignore the increasing evidence. Through interviews and scientific data this thesis provides essential information about the soy phytoestrogen toxicity debate and demands answers to the question of why governments have not done more to educate parents about potential health risks. Interviewees say that the power and influence of the billion-dollar soy industry could be to blame.

Soy-based infant formula , Plant based oestrogen , Soy toxicity , Precautionary Principle , Phytoestrogen toxicity , Healthy babies , Parent information , Child nutrition , Infertility , Dr Daniel Sheehan , Dr Mike Fitzpatrick , FDA , Oestrogen , Hormones , Uterine cancer , French Food Agency warning on soy , Dr Retha Newbold , Brain development , Key developmental stages and nutrition
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