On the Danger of Artificial Intelligence

Samiei, Saba
Yeap, Albert
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Master of Computer and Information Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

In 2017, the world economic forum announced that AI would increase the global economy by USD 16 trillion by 2030 (World Economic Forum, 2017). Yet, at the same time, some of the world’s most influential leaders warned us about the danger of AI. Is AI good or bad? Of utmost importance, is AI an existential threat to humanity? This thesis examines the latter question by breaking it down into three sub-questions, is the danger real?, is the defence adequate?, and how a doomsday scenario could happen?, and critically reviewing the literature in search for an answer. If true, and sadly it is, I conclude that AI is an existential threat to humanity. The arguments are as follows. The current rapid developments of robots, the success of machine learning, and the emergence of highly profitable AI companies will guarantee the rise of the machines among us. Sadly, among them are machines that are destructive, and the danger becomes real. A review of current ideas preventing such a doomsday event is, however, shown to be inadequate and a futuristic look at how doomsday could emerge is, unfortunately, promising!

Artificial intelligence , AI , Ethics , Danger of AI , AI Ethics
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