‘Nimble’ Intersectionality in Employment Research: A Way to Resolve Methodological Dilemmas

Mooney, S
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This contribution proposes nimble intersectionality in response to McBride et al.’s article about intersectional research in the field of employment and industrial relations. Although the authors’ call for all researchers to be ‘intersectionally sensitive’ is positive, regrettably, by highlighting the problems with intersectional methods, they reinforce the widespread perception that they are too difficult to implement. While intersectionality is undeniably complex, this article argues that a nimble approach can help resolve methodological dilemmas. By resolving four basic methodological questions at the onset of a study, researchers can successfully use an intersectional approach to explore age, gender, ethnicity, race and class in employment.

Age; Class; Employment; Ethnicity; Gender; Intersectional methods; Nimble intersectionality; Race
Work, Employment and Society, 30(4), 708–718. https://doi.org/10.1177/0950017015620768
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