Aquatic Meed 2066 Cross Disciplinary Exploration

Marage, Thanushi
Rielly , Lyle
Nienhuis, Anke
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Master of Design
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Auckland University of Technology

This project explores the combination of fashion and film media design tools and practices through multidisciplinary collaboration engagements between myself, a fashion designer, and professionals associated with the film industry. The research uses an exploratory approach to seek and create new ways to extend my design practice and range of creative outcomes. My research question was, "How can innovative pre-production tools from the film industry be adapted to inspire and allow my creative practice to evolve?

The work includes the creation of 3 bag prototypes, developed for an envisaged future setting and inspired by the science fiction film genre and specifically a created dystopian world influenced by climate change and advancing technology.

I utilized non-traditional design methodologies such as adaptive thinking and scenario thinking to explore how global developments and imagined futures can influence my design aesthetic by embracing and designing for future concepts and technologies. I undertook collaborative engagements with multidisciplinary creatives from the film industry, resulting in a new dimension and novel complexity to my design practice that I had not achieved before.

Using practices native to the film industry enabled me to gain a sense of self-discovery beyond that of a traditional fashion designer. The research output showcases how extending to other design disciplines can lead to innovative solutions and new aesthetics in a unique manner.

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