Simply Ceroc

Walker, Olivia Christine
Bancroft, Andrew
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

Simply Ceroc is a feature length screenplay involving the protagonist, Julie learning how to cope within the volatile and hostile dance world. Julie wants validation from her peers within the dance world, as both a dancer and a person. Unfortunately, she encounters men such as her partner on and off stage, Greg, who whether through design or not undermines her. The action line follows her as she practices for the Nationals in both a dance team and dance partnership and this her relationships with tend to mirror the chauvinistic style of dancing and Julie struggles to stand up for herself against egotistic men calling the shots. The screenplay follows a classical Three Act Structure with the 1st Act consisting of Julie losing everything and the Second being Julie building herself back again to become the owner her own studio. Simply Ceroc deals with themes such as gender imbalance, personal life vs. professional life, deception for personal gain and finally mother and daughter competition. This thesis proposes to attempt a different angle on the dance genre and give and make the focus on the relationships of the characters so the audience is hoping the protagonist will sort her own life out without investing in whether she wins the dance competition or not. In order to write a dance genre, it was imperative to first understand and research dance films. The exegesis discusses the wide variety of themes in Simply Ceroc as well as the research conducted on dance films. While there is little literature about the dance genre, the dance films greatly informed the screenplay and were crucial in developing an understanding of the genre. It was this and dance experience gained through years of being in the dance world that enabled me to write confidently about this genre.

Screenplay , Dance , Creative Writing , Drama
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