Ineffable: A spatial installation

Lee, Moon
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Master of Arts (Art and Design)
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Auckland University of Technology

Developing from a concerted research interest in time and comic writing, this research project was not designed to reveal the limitations of language with respect to an understanding of time or to avoid this dilemma. It focuses on the temporal phenomenon in comics. But the struggle between metaphysical thoughts and language are a constant antagonism throughout the research process, especially when verbal definitions are attempted to describe the two core concepts of this project: closure and the present. I began to feel the dilemma of metaphysical thoughts trapped between logical language and pictorial interpretation.

Art in any format could be applied efficiently to assist in explaining and representing some metaphysical thoughts that are difficult to interpret accurately through language: “So the artistically sensitive man responds to the reality of the dream in the same way as the philosopher responds to the reality of existence; he pays close attention and derives pleasure from it: for out of these images he interprets life for himself, in these events he trains himself for life” (Nietzsche, F. W., The Birth of Tragedy, p.20). Hence, artistic aptitude seems like something of a necessity in practicing or even introducing philosophical speculations effectively. Perhaps it is that artists may bypass the limits of language and represent thoughts through other media efficiently. Even though it could be less accurate representing a philosophical thought through art works, but the pluralistic fact could also help audiences to perceive ineffable feelings or notions internally that may reflect the abstract philosophical thoughts behind the work, if only somewhat approximately.

Except for aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment, this research project aims to unconceal an academic value of art for metaphysics. This is especially so in representing some ineffable notions: art offers detours that may bypass the limits to language efficiently because of its pluralistic and ambiguous being.

Art nstallations , Comic books , Comic strips , Time perception
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